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The Website Revolution System

Optimize your site for success.

Without writing code.


This COMPLETE system will get you more views, more visitors, and will work FOR YOU to earn revenue. No need to hire a full-time webmaster, because you will BECOME the webmaster!


No experience necessary.​

101: Build It

  • Setting goals

  • Knowing the Audience

  • Site Mapping

  • AI Design

  • Customization

  • Domains

  • Hosting

201: Design IT

  • Color Theory

  • Golden Ratio

  • Typography

  • Landing Page

  • Layout

  • User Interactions

  • Animations

301: Find It

  • SEO

  • Wix SEO Wizard

  • Keywords

  • Google Adwords

  • Social Media

  • Going Mobile

  • Google Analytics

401: Work It

  • Google Apps

  • Wix Apps

  • Bookings

  • Memberships

  • E-Commerce

  • Marketplace Apps

  • Adding Collaborators

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February 1, 2018

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Learn web design from a Wix Certified Trainer. In this template tutorial, I will explore the "Stand-Up Comedian" template from  This free website features an About section, Event Booking section, and a Video Gallery.  I will show you how to customize each sect...

One superhero, so many superpowers! Who is the superwoman in your life? Let her know how awesome she is! Then tell her where she can learn to create websites without writing code at

#websitedesign #webdesigningcourse #howtobuildawebsite #webd...

Mom said my name meant "leader", so that's what I do. What's your name story?

Your website needs a name too! I can help you at

#websitedesign #webdesigningcourse #howtobuildawebsite #webdesign #wix
#webdesigncourse #createawebsite #websitebui...

March marks the beginning of Spring, so start bringing in more greens, bright colors, and organic designs.  It stands for renewal and promises better things.  Make your design stand out by using this color palette or create your own.

Learn more about web design and...

Watch the video here:

How does Google view your website? What position in search ranking are you? What search queries are leading to your site?  Discover how to find these things out in our latest class, "Exploring the Google Search Console"....

Get found with the Wix SEO Wizard! I'll walk you through the process, give you some tips, and we'll be Google ready in no time. These principles apply to any website, not just for Wix users.

We discuss how to complete an SEO plan and how to strategically target both the...

I just completed my online course: Web Design 201: Designer Series. This video shows an overview of some of the topics. Learn web design without writing code at Free 3-Day trial.

#wix #smallbusiness #onlinemarketing #entrepreneur #w...

A client says "put this flyer on our website" Now what? We discuss various ways of accomplishing this task.

Watch it in Module 2: Design It: Design Layouts

Partial transcript:

Hello, Everybody. Thank you for joining me here at the Webmaster Academy. I'm Michael Wood, your...

Let's customize the footer section of your website. Discover the 3 elements you should display. Explore ways to use transparency and color to communicate your message. Find out more at

For Black History Month, we honor your service and dedication. Place a BHM badge on your homepage to show your support. You can see our badge on our homepage at


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