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What We Do

We train fiction writers to become Storymasters by offering classes and workshops in plot, character, and story analysis.

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I can help you

Get through your next novel or short story.  Breakthrough writing blocks. Restructure your plots. Redefine your characters.


Private consultations available through Skype. Sessions are recorded and sent for your review. I have helped thousands of writers breakthrough creative stumbling blocks, untangle their ideas, and get their writing finished.


Proofing services are also avaliable.

500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  /  Tel. 123-456-7890


If you have a Winter season in your novel, consider placing these events somewhere in your story, either centrally or in the background to make your winter more magical for the characters. Even if your story is about a mafia hitman, the winter bucket list still works!...

A Lamborghini is quite a special vehicle. Use this unique quality to help develop your character. This sports car can show up even for just a moment.  How will your character react to it? Does she want one? Maybe she thinks they symbolize debauchery and the elite.  Per...

There are certainly variations out there, but I came across this list. 

1. Big Picture - Start with a one-line summary of your novel
2. Three Acts - Write a synopsis including the 3 acts of your book
3. Spotlight - Write one-page descriptions on each character (very imp...

My iguana in 1993. Reptile Awareness Day.

Before the internet, we had iguanas. I remember he was just a small little guy when I bought him from the mall. He used to sleep on my thumb. Then he got to be huge after about 10 years. I walked him on a leash at Venice beach....

It's Friday the 13th, but don't let that get you down. Make sure your "13th proof" and develop a stunning website today.

If you are writing Fiction, add this date to your story.  Maybe one of your characters is superstitious or maybe an important event should occur on t...

It's Moment of Frustration Day. Don't let your website, or writing, or the study of history get to you!

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