February 1, 2018

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December Holiday Color Palettes

December 3, 2017

It's time to refresh those websites and promotions with holiday colors.  I've assembled some pallets together to get you thinking about the types of colors you can use.


If you don't want to have a traditional Christmas vibe, you can go with some of the more alternative colors, like the "blue" Christmas or even you can do a black, white, gray, with highlights of gold, if you want a more classical feel.


Now why would you use traditional holiday colors?  Well, it's like riding that promotional train of the holidays.  And you want your website to look like that it's being updated; that it's functional; that it's alive; right?  Part of that up-to-date look is to ride the Christmas wave or any holiday for that matter.


The holidays bring a warm, festive flair to your designs.  Make sure you include some sort of green mixed in with the red to give it a fresh vibrant feel, and then you can play around with various golds and yellows depending on how modern or classic you want to be.  The more of a "classic" Christmas would require more of the bronze or even burnt copper or gold shades of yellow, whereas more contemporary will have very clean colors like bold, a bold yellow, a flat red, and a flat green.


Remember to look at the hex codes, if you want to get the exact colors on these pallets, but they don't have to be as precise as what you see here, as long as you get a general idea of the color progression.


Remember, if you're building a site with wix.com, you can change all of the site colors by just going to "page background" and then "colors," and then choose a pallet or create a pallet based on these designs I have shown you here, and then that will change the colors throughout the site.  You'll have to review the website in case any colors may text difficult to read.  Just make the slight improvements, but this saves you time from having to change every single color on your site.  

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