Michael Wood, M.Ed, M.S.

Owner and Designer


I started out as a Multimedia Supervisor in the US Army.  It was there I learned the importance of communication, dedication to the mission, and teamwork.  In the 16th Signal Battlion, our motto was "Communications First!".  Whether it was raining hail stones or raining bullets, the mission was all that mattered.

What would it be like to take that work ethic to your business or organization?

In 2005, I entered a new battlefield: Public Education.  This where my communication skills, motivation, and management skills were put to the test.  Motivating students from 1st grade all the way to 12th grade required skillful and strategic planning.  In the end, my YouTube channel featuring my everyday lessons soon garnered over 172,000 views worldwide. What started out as a course web site for my students became a global resource for students and educators from around the world.


Now, as both Owner and Designer at Captivatim Multimedia & Design, I can help build a powerful and compelling digital presence for your organization or business.  Sure, you can go out there and spend a lot of time trying to do everything yourself, but your time is valuable.  What I offer is synergy.  I will make sure all the social media links, Google rankings, branding, and customer outreach are seamless and consistent while giving you the time you need to tend to your business and clients.


I will build out all the necessary components you need to attract new customers and retain existing ones.  From conception to global outreach, I will design and strengthen your online presence with all the latest technologies such as Google SEO compliance, Google Apps integration, mobile device optimizations, and HTML5 standards.  Whether it's your first web site, or you need to refresh an aging web site, I will make sure your personal vision and style are reflected.  


Once we've established your online presence, it's time to tell the world all about you.  I offer professional printing services and will provide the material you need to make the world know what you are all about.


It's time to step into the future.  Contact me for a free consultation.

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